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When I wrote this book, my aim was simply to help grieving mothers--through helping their friends. I've decided to always offer a version for free.

This is the first edition of the eBook and you are free to download it, print it, distribute it and encouraged to share. However, please don't alter it, post it for sale in any form or use parts of the book.

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 Since I wrote them, the posts about helping a friend through babyloss are reached every single day from people searching for information about helping a friend after her baby dies. I see the search queries, and wonder if they found what they needed. A girl needs a good friend after her baby dies, and often she doesn't get one.

I don't think it's usually because her friends are jerks, but because they don't know what to do. I came up with the idea of writing a book of everything I've written in those posts, and more. Something friends could print or leaf through on their tablets. It's been a few months since I began working on the book. It's been done for weeks. I've sat it on it for awhile. See, we're all so different. By telling friends how to help, would I be sending the message that there's a correct way to grieve?

There's no manual about how to parent a dead child, so how could there be one about helping a friend through that loss? I went back and forth about rather I would share it at all. After much thought and internal debate, I decided I should share, with a disclaimer that I'm a. no expert and b. all moms are different and I don't want them pushed into a little grief box. People want this information. I have a perspective they're seeking. I hope that my message is clear. I just want to help get grieving moms the support they need. The book is free. You are free to share it, distribute it and link to it, with some caveats, you may not change any of it, you may not claim it as yours and you may not charge for it. Scroll down to get it emailed to you.

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I'm editing a new version of the eBook with more resources, more insights into what your friend might be feeling and ways you can help. The updated book will be available on Kindle through later this spring. 

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